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Download and Install Mondoo Client

This page provides detailed instructions for downloading and installing Mondoo Client on macOS, Windows, and Linux. For a guided walk-through of installing and configuring Mondoo Client, see the Quick Start tutorial in this Getting Started section.

About Mondoo Client

Mondoo Client is a cross-platform binary that can be installed on supported macOS, Window, and Linux hosts. Once installed, configured, and registered with Mondoo Platform, it provides a number of capabilities for running security scans of infrastructure assets remote hosts, containers, Kubernetes clusters, cloud accounts, and more using Mondoo Policies. Additionally, Mondoo Client can be used to live query your assets using Mondoo Shell, and to develop custom policies as code.

To send scan results of assets to Mondoo Platform, the client must be registered with Mondoo Platform. Registration with Mondoo Platform is handled through the use of a temporary registration token, which is referenced below, but optional for installation.


For detailed information on generating temporary registration tokens, see Registering the Mondoo Client.

Install Mondoo Client on macOS, Windows, and Linux

To install Mondoo Client on your macOS, Windows, or Linux host, click on the platform below, and choose the appropriate installation method.


Mondoo Client can be easily installed on entire fleets of hosts using deployment automation tools such as Ansible, Chef, or as part of User Data scripts with Terraform. For more information see the Deployment Automation section of our docs.

Installation Script

To install, run our installation script:

bash -c "$(curl -sSL"

Our installation script is open source and can be found on our GitHub organization.

Install with Homebrew

Install using our Homebrew tap:


# Add the Mondoo tap
brew tap mondoolabs/mondoo

# Install the Mondoo Client with brew
brew install mondoo

# Upgrade the Mondoo Client with brew
brew upgrade mondoo

Our Homebrew Tap is open source and can be found on our GitHub organization.


Mondoo Client will install to /opt/homebrew/bin/mondoo on macOS. The configuration file for Mondoo Client can be found at $HOME/.config/mondoo/mondoo.yml.

Verifying your installation

After installing Mondoo Client you can verify that everything is working with the following commands:

Mondoo status
mondoo status

Example Output

β†’ loaded configuration from /Users/spacecadet/.config/mondoo/aws-demo.yml using source --config
β†’ Hostname: spacecadet
β†’ IP:
β†’ Platform: macos
β†’ Release: 11.6
β†’ Time: 2021-10-29T11:24:39-07:00
β†’ Version: 5.11.0 (API Version: 5)
β†’ API ConnectionConfig:
β†’ API Status: SERVING
β†’ API Time: 2021-10-29T18:24:39Z
β†’ API Version: 5
β†’ Space: //
β†’ Agent: //
β†’ Service Account: //
β†’ agent is registered
β†’ agent authenticated successfully

Agent is not registered / could not connect to mondoo platform Error

If you get an error after mondoo status that shows the following:

x agent is not registered
x could not connect to mondoo platform

Your host is not registered to your account in Mondoo Platform. Registration tokens can be generated in Mondoo Platform by navigating to INTEGRATIONS -> Managed Clients and then clicking the +ADD CLIENT button.

For detailed information on generating registration tokens, see Registering the Mondoo Client.

Next Steps

At this point Mondoo Client should now be installed and optionally registered with Mondoo Platform.

If you are interested in running continuously Mondoo as service, see Running Mondoo as a service.